Welcome to Willsden Primary School


At Willsden Primary School, staff and students are committed to improved literacy and numeracy achievement. Our professional learning in Visible Learning, Empowering Local Learners’ Guided reading, Big 6 of Literacy and early intervention is building staff expertise.

We focus on the positive contributions made by all students, celebrating success with lunchtime discos, and assemblies twice a term.

The school founded in 1954, is located in Port Augusta, approximately 3.5 hours north of Adelaide.
Students demonstrate goodwill and care towards each other, with students of all ages prepared to play and encourage each other.

Families perceive the school as a small community based learning environment where everyone knows and looks after each other.

Our learning in ‘Play is the Way’ and school values of Respect, Honesty and Responsibility are reflected in all that we undertake to grow “Good to Great” in our school community.




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